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About MaestroCity

Maestrocity Property Management was established since 2001. We started by managing our own property in the suburb of Bangkok.  Then we have expanded our portfolio gradually.  During which time, we have learned the in and out of residential property management.  There were hard-learned lessons that have made us a seasoned property manager.

Later on, we wanted to focus on expansion of our portfolio and leave the property management to a professional.  To our astonishment, we had not been able to locate a single dedicated property management company in Bangkok, let a lone Thailand.  There are a few companies or individuals that claim they manage rental properties.  And after careful analysis, they are nothing more than just letting agents or rent collectors and perhaps occasional caretaker.  There was not a single real estate company that focus only on property management and managine rental residences were just a small part of their operations.  This is very different from the established property management industry in the developed countries. 

Hence, we decided that we would be the pioneer in bringing the international standards to Thailand in the field of managing residential properties for both investors (those who purchase rental units) and owner-occupiers (those who own homes in Thailand but living overseas). 

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