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Why Use a Professional Property Manager? article

“Get out of worries and live your life with peace of mind” 

Please read throuh the following circumstances and determine for yourself if you need service from a property management company:

  • you have a property in Thailand but need to go or live in other countries.  You don't want to rent it out but just need someone to look after your property e.g. pay the bills, liaise with the juristic body, inspect your home periodically, coordinate maintenance/inspection work e.g. pest control, gardening, coordinate with cleaning service so it's clean each time before you arrive.
  • you have no time to show your rental unit to prospective tenants when they call
  • you don't know how to get a solid lease agreement written that suits the Thailand market and is fair to both landlord and tenant 
  • you don't want to receive a call from your tenant in the middle of the night if something breaks
  • you are afraid your properties will be trashed or not well-taken care of
  • you don't know how or don't have time to do proper screening of your prospective tenants
  • you feel (or have direct experience) that it's too emotionally exhausted dealing with tenants
  • you are not quite sure what to do when tenant moves out 
  • your rental house or condominium sits vacant for a long time and you have been unable to locate a suitable tenant

The above are just some of the considerations you should think through whether you need a property manager.  With MaestroCity, we provide high quality service at affordable rates.  Our residential property management team provides a full range of services to individual rental condominium units as well as houses. With our experience in residential property management, we concentrate on turnkey time management services such as a quick turn-over of vacant properties, high quality maintenance and financial report to landlords. We are not compromised on the quality of our services whether to landlords or tenants. Please check out the next topic about MaestroCity's Property Management Service Packages.

Property Management Services

MaestroCity's Property Management Service Packages article
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