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Home Care Tips

The following information is designed to answer frequently asked questions during your tenancy, and to minimize confusion related to caring for the rental property and interacting with your property manager.


·         If a maintenance issue should arise, you may complete a maintenance request form at the website  We ask that you submit the maintenance requests in writing using the above channel to avoid confusion and to ensure we have a clear record of your request.

·         Tenants must be prepared to schedule time and make themselves available to let a contractor or repair person into the Premises.

Emergency Maintenance

·         If you have an emergency that cannot wait until the next business day and it is before or after regular business hours, please contact the maintenance service staff at the Juristic Office and call the Landlord to inform of such event.

·         An emergency is a fire, flood, or any dangerous or hazardous situation.

·         An emergency is not an annoying site, sound, or smell, and so on.

Care and Use Maintenance

Manuals for appliances are provided in the welcoming pack.  Please take good care of them and return in good condition at the end of the tenancy.  Please refer to them first whenever there is a problem.  Answers are often found in these guides.  Please report unsafe or hazardous situations immediately.

A.       DRAINS

a.       Avoid letting food, hair, and excess soap get down the drains

b.      Clogged drains caused by hair, grease, and soap are the Tenant’s responsibility.

c.       An excellent drain cleaning/clearing solution recipe is 1 cup salt, 1 cup baking soda, 1 cup vinegar, followed by eight cups boiling water.  We recommend performing this treatment periodically to avoid build-up.

B.       GARBAGE: Please do not accumulate garbage in the Premises for too long as they will attract rats, roaches etc.  Please empty your bin in plastic bags and place  them in the garbage collection room on your floor (near elevator hall).


a.       Never use abrasive or aggressive chemical (e.g. Chlorox, Duck, Vixol, Bleach) on any shiny surface e.g. fixtures/wares made of chrome-coated materials, stainless steel.

b.      It is best to wipe fixtures clean after each use

c.       We strongly recommend that you keep a plunger nearby.  Toilet may occasionally clog or back up if too much paper, and so on is flushed.  The Tenant must be prepared to plunge the toilet to clear clogs and avoid damage from overflows.

d.    It is imperative that while showering or washing/drying clothes, the ventilation fans be turned on and kept on for at least 5 minutes after showering or washing/drying particularly if your bathroom does not have ventilated windows 


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